from ABACUS (1971)
(Barutzky, Williams, Schade)

1. Pipedream Revisited Part 1&2
2. Song For John And Yoko

from Just A Day's Journey Away! (1972)
(Williams, Barutzky, Schade)

3. Seasong

from Everything You Need (1972)
(Williams, Barutzky, Schade)

4. Anyway We Can (Song For H.)
5. What A Day
6. Paranoia Agency
7. Hold Up The Flag
8. Don't Worry
9. Everything You Need

from Midway ( 1973)
(Schade, Williams)

10. Be Beholding
11. Midway

from Caribbean Sun (1982)

12. Believe In Music


Keyboards :  Jürgen Wimpelberg
Chris Barutzky
Guitars : Charly Schade
Manfred Heilmann
Bass : Klaus Kohlhase
Vocals : Chris Williams
Manfred Heilmann
Drums : Rainer Niklowitz
Alan Warran
Felix Hans
Konstantin Bommarius

Graphic design of cover inside:

Holger Schoemann

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